“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could” - Zip Ziglar.


Want to improve your performance and level-up? 1:1 coaching might be for you. Working with a coach can fast-track your development and help you identify and fill knowledge gaps.


With 12+ years of experience in people leadership (HR), I've spent a large part of my career advising and coaching individuals and leaders. I bring all my experience, insights and good vibes to each session. 1:1 coaching is an investment in yourself, so it’s important you choose the right person to work with. Learn more about my experiencemy values and why I do what I do to see if my style and approach resonates with you. We’ll work well together if you’re committed to putting the work in, want to learn and are open to being challenged (cause you know growth happens when you're pushed out of your comfort zone.) Coaching is by application only and spots are strictly limited. 


Coaching packages:

All sessions are delivered over 4, 8 or 12 consecutive weeks in person (if you're in Sydney's CBD) or over Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime if you're based further afield. Choose your own adventure:

  • 4 weeks: 4x 60 minute sessions. Investment: $1,100

  • 8 weeks: 8x 60 minute sessions. Investment: $2,200

  • 12 weeks: 12x 60 minute sessions. Investment: $3,300

Pricing includes 10% GST. 


What you can expect:

Prior to our first session, I'll send you a questionnaire to get to know you better so we're clear on what you'd like to work on. Here are a few topics I usually help people with, but I'll take your lead (cause this is all about you!):

  • Developing your emotional intelligence to improve your effectiveness

  • Improving your self-awareness

  • Integrating positive wellbeing practices into your busy work days

  • Leading in a more mindful, conscious way

  • Leadership 101 - coaching you to successfully make the transition from individual contributor to effective leader

  • How to resolve specific problems you are facing within your workplace

  • Leadership coaching whether you're an aspiring leader, an experienced leader or a founder, director or CEO looking to develop and refine your leadership style.

We’ll spend our first session laying the foundations and mapping out a path forward; subsequent sessions are dedicated to helping you along your journey, challenging you, cheering you on and keeping you accountable. Between sessions, I’m a call, text or email away so you have my ongoing support throughout.


Let's achieve some goals, shall we?