empowering you with skills to thrive.

We all have emotions, but sometimes managing them can be tough; add others to the mix and things get even trickier.

In our modern society, it's easy to feel disconnected from ourselves and others because we're so 'connected' to our devices and the digital world, but often less present, aware and mindful when we're in a meeting, at work or at play.

If your default answer to "how are you?" is "busy", I'm here to tell you you don't have to feel like this. I can help you have more fulfilling relationships, turn off auto-pilot and prioritise your mental wellbeing, all whilst achieving your goals. 

Upcoming public Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn in a practical, accessible way. In each workshop, you can expect a mini-meditation to help you be mentally and physically present, practical exercises, group/partner discussions and time to reflect and make personal commitments to apply your newly acquired skills.

If you are an employee, check if your company has a learning and development budget to cover all or part of your attendance. Win-win 🙌.