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Emotional Intelligence

As humans, we are emotional beings; we make decisions based on emotions - unconsciously and consciously - all the time. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and regulate our own emotions, empathise and interact with others in a productive and skilful way. 



Mindfulness is all about bringing conscious awareness and attention to something. That 'something' can be your breath, a particular activity or a sense. Mindfulness can be practiced at anytime, anywhere and is not exclusive to a meditation practice. 


In our modern society, there are many benefits of practicing mindfulness: the ability to improve our emotional intelligence, improve our focus and attention, and the ability to be more present when we're with others. Mindfulness can help improve the quality of our interactions, relationships and decisions. Sounds pretty good, right?



Mental illness doesn't discriminate, yet there's still stigma around discussing it. I'm on a personal mission to try and change that. Throughout my career as a people leader, I've seen people push themselves to (and past) burnout and have often been the first point of contact when someone has reached out for mental health support. I've also grappled with mental illness. 


Just like we all have a degree of physical health which fluctuates, we have a degree of mental health. We do things like exercise, brush our teeth, etc to look after our bodies, but often fail to do things that promote good mental health. With Talentary, I'm focused on helping individuals and companies improve their individual and collective mental health (and psychological safety) by sharing wellbeing practices that promote positive mental health.


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